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Travelling through India while Elections in India

The election in India is coming to an end and the vote counting happens on the 23 of May to decide who is going to rule the country for the next five years. The blog post is about the possibilities of interesting programs and activities we could organise for traveller bound to India while it is Elections in India.

Election in the world's largest democracy can itself be considered as a landmark event that happens every five years, An event to choose who should be ruling them for the next five years. This is a season when people of the country have the most important value, their votes are highly valued for candidates and political parties alike. The whole mood changes into a different vibe where you could see a festive mood in every state and every town. Posters and flyer of generous promises are in the air, and all of these hard work put forward by the candidates with the aim to win will have to face the verdict of the people the coming weeks.

As a Kerala tour operator, we have organized group tours during the election period in Kerala, even though the tour was not exactly organized because it was elections. It was a coincidence and we did expose our guests to public rallies and other election events, which was kind of a different experience altogether. The candidates even made it a point to address the visitors which came as big news in the next day papers. traveling across India during elections is a different story altogether.

Technically there are two types of Elections where the people of India can vote. One is the General Election, which is about electing the government in the center. And an Assembly election where the state government is elected. India has a federal system where there are state governments who rule the states and a government at the center, and the prime minister is the leader of the central government. At the moment it is Sri Narendra Modi who is the Prime Minister of India and rest of the state governments are headed by Chief Ministers. it is Sri Pinarayi Vijayan who is the leader or the chief minister of Kerala. Narendra Modi is a leader of the Bharathiya Janatha Party and Sri Pinarayi Vijayan of Communist Party of India (Marxist). Both of them got elected in different elections at different periods. A term of rule is always five years and it is the Election commission of India who organizes the election in India.

When an election is declared, the candidates put forward their application and the stands for an election. Any Indian national above the age of 25 can contest for an election in India. One could see a lot of rallies, and party conventions held at different parts of the constituency while traveling during an election in India. Candidates and parties try focusing on new methods to acquire the attention of people, it could be anything and everything where you can draw the attention of the people.

The whole democratic election process is wholly controlled by the Election commission of India and is transparent to the highest level to ensure the verdict is exactly to the wish of the people. India uses the Electronic voting machine to mark votes which are considered to be effective as well and the best way to mark vote, however, there has been cases where you can hear about malfunction machines that have caused confusions and skepticism among candidates and the people of the country. Having said that it is still a proven way of voting, India being such a large country it is not as easy as we say to conduct an election.

Election oriented tours are always better if it is a group of travelers. The tour explains about the inception of India as a country, the constitution India upholds, how an election is conducted to elect a team of ministers to rule the world's largest democracy.


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