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CGH Earth Experience Hotels

At Green Earth Trails, we embrace being a local Kerala tour operator showcasing our beautiful land to rest of the world. And CGH Earth Experience Hotels in Kerala would be great way to explore our truly blessed land.

Clean Green and Healthy hotels other wise called the CGH Earth Experience Hotels is a classic example of sustainable and responsible tourism.

The experience at CGH Earth Experience Hotels would be truly local in every sense - the accommodation, the people who serve you, the food you eat, everything you experience will be truly local and when you are in Kerala with us you discover the best of Kerala.

Coconut Lagoon Chai chechi

Knowing more about
CGH Earth Experience Hotels

CGH Earth Experience hotels, is based out of Kerala - India, and is known for its commitment to sustainable, responsible and ethical tourism practices. Their core values make them what they are..

  • Sustainability : CGH Earth is deeply committed to sustainable practices that minimize their environmental impact. This includes initiatives like using renewable energy, reducing waste, and supporting local communities.

  • Cultural Preservation : They often focus on preserving and showcasing the cultural heritage of the regions where their hotels are located. This might involve promoting local art, cuisine, and traditions.

  • Community Engagement : CGH Earth places a strong emphasis on engaging with and supporting local communities. They often involve local artisans, suppliers, and service providers to contribute to the local economy.

  • Wellness and Holistic Living : Many CGH Earth properties emphasize wellness and holistic living, offering experiences like yoga, Ayurveda, and wellness retreats.

  • Responsible Tourism : They promote responsible tourism practices, encouraging guests to respect local customs, traditions, and the environment.

  • Quality Service : While maintaining a focus on sustainability and community, they also prioritize providing high-quality service and experiences to their guests. 


These values are often seen in the day-to-day operations, design, and offerings across their various properties.

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