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A secret place to settle in silence for some time - Quite by the River

Updated: Aug 16, 2020

It was during the monsoon of 2019 that we planned to visit this beautiful place named Paniyeli Poru on the banks of the River Periyar. It is named "The Quiet", a few cottages by the river, all in the silence of nature. The property is operated by the CGH Earth group and would be a great place for someone who would want to dive deep into the rhythms of nature.

Located fifty kilometres from Cochin Airport, the Quite - by the river offers comfortable cottage accommodation overlooking the Periyar river, local cuisine, and a few nature based in house activities. One would need to go in a Jeep into the woods in a Jeep organised by the Resort, from a particular point one would need to get on to a country boat and row to the resort. Essentially the resort is located in an Islands surrounded the by the river and its rapids. Far away from the wireless networks of the urban life. The video explains the whole idea as to what the Quite by the river looks like.

You should not be here if you are a person who wants to be active with television or cannot leave the internet for sometime or who does not love to be isolated into nature. This would be a place where you can really like or dislike with its natural conditions and limitations, though not in in the sense of tangible comforts. Monsoon would be the best time to be here, the birds, the micro world of flora & fauna, the little beings here and there, all together make it a great place if you have a love for nature, silence and fresh air.

Being a Tour operator from Kerala, our travel experience across Kerala has been a boon to our travelers. Get in touch with us, lets suggestion you a few things to organise your Kerala. Holiday.

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