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Bangaram Island Resort

Lakshadweep Islands tour package by best Lakshadweep tour operator, Green Earth Trails

Green Earth Trails is an authorized tour operator in Lakshadweep Islands. Lakshadweep was earlier known as Laccadives, a series of Islands located around 450 Kilometers off the Indian West Coast on the Arabian Sea. Among these islands, there are two beautiful Islands named Bangaram & Thinnakara open exclusively for travelers who would love to experience the beauty of these tropical islands. Lakshadweep literally means thousands of Islands, and these islands are spread across vast areas. The coral reefs, the turquoise blue waters, and fine sandy beaches are what makes the Islands of Lakshadweep a must visit destination. There are many Islands that are still an untouched part of the planet.


As a Lakshadweep Tour Operator who has a clear idea about the Islands. We recommend Bangaram & Thinnakara that are two beautiful Islands, both are one hour cruise from Agatti Island. Bangaram and Thinnakara function exclusively for tourists and is equipped with facilities and infrastructure to cater travelers bound to these islands. There are direct flights from Kochi to Agatti every day and this is the fastest mode to reach the Lakshadweep Islands. There are ships operational from Kochi, Beypore (Kozhikode) and Mangalore, most of them operate except for the monsoon season.

Lakshadweep Islands distance from Kerala

Here is a glimpse from our recce to Bangaram

Lakshadweep Tour Operator

As a Lakshadweep Tour Operator, we have done good homework about the destination. Through our multiple visits, we have gained a reputation of organizing some of the most beautiful holidays for travelers from far and wide. From the above video, If you have got an idea as to what Lakshadweep is all about. We recommend you depend on an authorized Lakshadweep Tour Operator to plan your holidays to the Islands, planning a trip to the Islands is not like a trip on the mainland, so we ensure that you do this trip with an authorized Lakshadweep Tour Operator.

How do we plan your trip to Lakshadweep Islands

Best time to visit Lakshadweep

Best time to visit Lakshadweep is from October to mid of May, this is when you have the best tropical weather to enjoy the islands to the best. From the mid of may to the end of August, the islands receive the South West Monsoon. From March to mid of May you have the summer. Reaching the Islands during monsoon would be a tough task

Best Islands to visit in Lakshadweep

The two Islands that we recommend in Lakshadweep are Bangaram & Thinnakara Islands. They are close to the airport and are open exclusively for guests to the Lakshadweep Islands. They are beautiful and has most part of the island untouched. They are equipped with dive centers, water sports activities, and Ayurveda Massage centers.

How to reach Bangaram

There are daily direct flights from Kochi to Agatti. Agatti is the only aerodrome you have among these islands. From Agatti you need to take a boat and cruise for an hour to reach Bangaram. Thinnakara and Bangaram fall in the same reef and is just 10 minutes cruise away. You can see Thinnakara from Bangaram.

What's available in Bangaram

Bangaram and Thinnakara are two exclusive islands reserved for tourists. Bangaram has 30 cottages right on the beach and Thinnakara has 15 tents on the beach. Bangaram has a bar, restaurant, dive center, water sports center, helipad, and a boat jetty. Thinnakara, on the other hand, is more pristine, untouched and has a restaurant. For Watersports and dives, you will have to come to Bangaram. Hammocks and Beach beds are enough and more in both the islands.

Activities at Bangaram

Since both Bangaram and Thinnakara are nearby islands, the activities remain mostly the same. Some interest things are, the Sunrise & Sunset, Ship wreak snorkel visit, Turtle watch to a nearby island where turtles are numerous and they lay eggs there. Scuba dives (DSD and courses) and snorkeling. Walk to the lake in the middle of Bangaram, and walk to the Sandbed next to the helipad are interesting activities for the evening when the tide is low.

Recommended stay at Bangaram

We recommend a five nights stay at Bangaram on an average. We have heard stories where people stayed here for month indulged in the beauty of Laccadive. This could be decided based on the budget or available time, especially if you are doing it as an extension tour after your Kerala Tour It is always better to keep two nights aside in Kochi before your departure flight to your home country. This is primarily considering a slight change in weather, which affects the flights back to Kochi and boat to Agatti.

Bangaram Island Resort Laccadives

Itinerary to Bangaram Island - Lakshadweep

Fort Kochi by sunset

Day 1 - Kochi

Bangaram island boat landing point

Day 2 - Kochi - Agatti Island - Bangaram

Scuba Dive at Bangaram Island resort

Day 3 - In Bangaram - Scuba Dive

Technically your itinerary to Bangaram - Lakshadweep starts from Kochi. Lakshadweep has direct flights only from Kochi (Indian mainland). If you are already in Kochi you can go directly to the airport from Kochi. If not we recommend staying at an Airport Hotel.


Mostly Lakshadweep comes as a final beach extention after a Kerala or South Indian Tour.

Fly from Kochi Airport to Agatti Island, from Agatti airport drive to the boat jetty which is around 5 kilometers from the airport. Board a boat from the jetty to Bangaram, which is another one hour cruise. Essentially you reach Bangaram before lunch if it is a morning flight. After the welcome reception, there would be a briefing about the things you should be knowing about Bangaram, the dos and donts. You have the rest of the day at leisure at the beach resort. Lunch and Dinner are served at the in-house restaurant. In the evening you can go for a walk around the Island which would take just an hour. When the tide is low, walk across the sea to the sandbanks near the helipad. Lunch and dinner are served at the restaurant. The Bar is also open from mid noon till dinner closing time.

There is a dive center in-house at the island resort. Today you can try your hands on doing a discover scuba dive session. This is essentially a program where you are introduced to the Suba diving at the same time exploring the corals and the beauty of the underwater world.​


Lunch and Dinner at the restaurant, overnight stay at Bangaram.

Day 4 - In Bangaram - Snorkelling near the Shipwreck

Enjoy the day swimming and sunbathing. Post noon you can take a boat to a point close to the Island within the reef where you get to the see a shipwreck. Snorkeling here would be something out of the world, where you get to see the beauty of the underwater world. Return back to the resort. Lunch and dinner would be served at the in-house restaurant.

Day 5 - In Bangaram - Turtle watch

Enjoy swimming and sunbathing at the beach. Afternoon you can go for a turtle watch. Turtle watching is an interesting program where you could be taken to a different part of the reef where you get to see turtles under the water. Barbecue dinners are organized at the beach if it does not tend to rain.  Overnight stay at Bangaram. 

Agatti Aerodrome

Day 6 - In Bangaram - Agatti - Fort Kochi

St. Francis Church- Fort Kochi
Departure flight from Kerala

Day 7 - Sightseeing tour of Fort Kochi

Day 8 - Departure Transfer to Cochin International Airport 

Morning you take a boat to Agatti Island, from Agatti drive to the airport and proceed with the check-in process. board and fly to Kochi, on arrival our representative would receive you at the airport and transfer you to Fort Kochi. Evening enjoy a walk around the old part of Kochi, you get to see a lot of old colonial mansions here in Fort Kochi. Overnight stay at Fort Kochi.

Today morning you will have a guided sightseeing tour of Fort Kochi. You will visit the St. Francis church, the Chinese fishing nets, Jew town, Paradeshi Synagogue, and the Dutch Palace. Rest of the day is at leisure at the hotel of stay.

After breakfast, departure transfer to Cochin International Airport to board flight to your onward destination.

A relaxed journey, cherishing memories of your Laccadive islands holidays & Cochin experiences, back to the airport. 

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