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Group tour to Kerala : Here is how we can help you

Though the most number of tours that we organise are private Kerala tours, we have been organising group tours across Kerala and South India. Over time we have come to understand that group tours in Kerala are an effective way to travel and see around places in Kerala. It helps considerably bring the price more effective, you have exclusive guides for the complete tour, better organised itinerary, and a lot more benefits.

However if the tour plan is not in good shape, the whole tour might end up in trouble. Unlike private tours, when a group tour in Kerala goes wrong you are responsble to a group of guests and that might not turn out well. We have personally seen inexperienced tour operators struggle alloting hotels where a coach cannot access, where you actually had better options to choose.

At Green Earth Trails, we count on our years of experience in handling tour across Kerala. We have handled complex programs like that of touring in Kerala based on Onam theme- Onam is a state festival of Kerala where you get to experience a lot of interesting activities and themes, that is when the state is in its full charm. People from across the world, expats come home to celebrate onam with their kith and kin. The below video is a tour that we organised in 2018, where guests arrived in Chennai, visited the temples of Tamil Nadu and finally reached Kerala to experience Onam in Kerala. We took them to the Pulikali - tiger dances of Thrissur, the Aranmula boat race at Aranmula, Onam celebrations in Kochi, including everything in a 14 days Kerala tour program. The below video will give you a brief idea about how this group tour was organised in Kerala

Organising a Kerala group tour and a private tour is completly different in terms of operation. While a private tour is customized specifically to the individuals who travel, a Kerala group tour itinerary is designed keeping in mind at least more than a dozen travellers. Their collective interest is what we take into account. The group tours we organise have local guides traveling witht he guests and at times a local tour manager if it is a spcialist operation.

An exclusive guide travels along with a group. It is mostly English speaking local guides that are available, but we can organise French and German speaking local guides as well, if we they are available, language speaking guides are relatively less in numbers. The guide is responsible for the smooth movement of the group and he would be the first person to be in the forefront when there is a crisis.

A group tour gives you a lot of leverage on the price, when most things are on shared basis, from Coach to Jeeps, group activities and programs, when most of these elements come on shared basis, your Kerala group tour prices come down considerably.

Being a local Kerala tour operator we are very well updated about the destinations and the programs that we could offer. There are certain very interesting activites that we can organise for groups like exclusive Cultural events, and motorcyle country rides on Royal Enfield motorcycles. This is all possible with us because of our local connections and relationships with local organisers. Sharing with you some videos of our past programs.

The group tour comes on full board basis which makes the program more rich with local Keralan delicacies. Choosing of hotels comes with experience and we can confidently organise what the group is expecting collectively. We can gather all the information from the group leader, take spcific notes about individual requests and finally organise the program successfully.

Check our list of Kerala tour packages from which you get an idea about how our tours are designed and based on certain details from these tours we can get a customized group tour itinerary for guests who are looking for a Kerala group tour.

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