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India is getting ready to welcome the world

It has been a terrible time for the world since March 2020, and we all had it well. A total shutdown which one would have never imagined to happen. Though life comes up with ups and down, no one would have imagined it to be a nosedive, but you know just like human race survived the world wars, we will definitely overcome this pandemic.

India being such a large country with the second largest population in the world, the responsibility on our shoulders was not very simple. Though it was just one nation wide lockdown, there were a series of regional lockdowns. All of these have affected people's lives, incomes, jobs and relationships. The world is divided by time, a time before Covid-19 and a time after that.

India has been working really hard to fight this Pandemic. Considering us as the largest population of the world, India has beared the brunt of most world wide epidemics in the past. But this time, we have overcome it in the least possible time. The initial vaccine shortage was just because of the size of the requirement, but considering the need and the produce, we have come along a long way now.

All said and done, the point is that "You are okay, when everyone is okay" that is an indirect outcome that comes out of the pandemic. But then, the vaccines have made you more stronger, specifically to fight the spiky virus, which mean you do not have a fatal tragedy because of the virus.

The moment has come for us to welcome the world to India post covid. Being a specialist Kerala tour operator. We have been jobless and income less for over one and a half year and it is a big relief for us to announce that India and moreover Kerala would be opening the doors to welcome International tourists to experience the rich beauty of our land.

The Standard operating procedures for us would be that stipulated by the Govt. However Masks and social distancing would definitely be a very fixed and confirmed norm. The first set of travelers would be the brave ones and the rest would follow them understanding the real ground situation of how positive things are in a far distant land.

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