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Kerala tour packages available on whatsapp

At Green Earth Trails we have most of our interactions with our guests on Whatsapp. It was very difficult for us to choose this mode initially. Moving from Emails to whatsapp had its own pro and cons and finally we understood that our guests did prefer to have the communication over Whatsapp because, they get all the details on their phone, in a short span of time. More than that, they could ask any queries on the go and they get their replies within minutes and sometimes in seconds. Whenever a Kerala holiday pops up on our Kerala tour packages page on our website, we try our best to reply in less than 2 mins, and offer a Kerala tour program in less than 10 mins. This is super challenging, but we are doing that now!

Green Earth Trails Kerala tour operator available on Whatsapp

At Green Earth Trails, one of us is always there on whatsapp from 8 am to 1 am (the next day), this is because we cater to a lot of international guests looking for Kerala holidays and we have to be live in different time zones, to cater to the demand of quick replies on instant messaging platforms like Whatsapp. We have noticed that, we are entering an era where it is not just precise information but quick information is also arising as the need of the hour. Just like instant gratification, instant replies have become the new normal and companies are working towards achieving this.

Moving to Whatsapp communication was a decision we took from a strong feedback we received from one of our valuable guest who completed her Kerala tour with us. We shifted from email to Whatsapp and since then all the communication with her was on whatsapp. She liked us so much, that she gave us a 20 minute lecture on the whole topic, while we met her during her stay in Fort Kochi. She was emphasising on how the mobile phones are a bringing about new changes into peoples lives and if companies do not evolve to those new needs, you can terms yourself as some one of the past era.

Come one! we can't be of the past era. It took us a while but, we finally got the system in place. At times we had a second thought, if we might be too early for this move, but the market and our guests confirmed. None of them have even sent their email without us requesting.

Kerala tourism recently introdcued a Whatsapp chatbot named Maya, but this is more like sharing more details about the destinations. Shoot us queries for Kerala tour packages, and make sure that the tour proposal reaches in the shortest response time. Our website has a whatspap communication tab, one clicking that you start communicating with us for your Kerala tour. This becomes important because more than 50% of our Kerala tour package page on our website has traffic from mobile phones.

So get all your Kerala tour queries answered on Whatsapp, it is just a click away.

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