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Periyar National Park, Kerala : How to book forest activities

Periyar National Park is considered to be one among the top eight biodiversity hotspots in the world. A biodiversity hotspot is a region that is exceptionally rich in plant and animal species, at the same time it is also under threat from human activities. Periyar National Park is located in the Western Ghats mountain range of Kerala, India.

Bamboo rafting at Periyar National Park
Bamboo rafting at Periyar National Park

This region is home to a wide variety of flora and fauna, including many species that are endemic (found nowhere else in the world). The park's diverse habitats, including moist deciduous forests, evergreen forests, and grasslands, support a range of wildlife, including elephants, tigers, leopards, deer, and numerous bird species.

Periyar National Park, Thekkady, offers a variety of activities for visitors to enjoy and experience its natural beauty and wildlife. All guests are supposed to report at the large parking ground close to Bamboo Grove. From there all the guests woul dbe transferred to the nati

Some of the popular activities offered at Periyar National Park are listed below.

  1. Boat Cruises on Periyar Lake : One of the most popular activities is taking a boat cruise on Periyar Lake. These cruises provide an opportunity to spot wildlife along the lake's edge, including elephants, deer, birds, and other animals. The lake was formed after the construction of the Mullaperiyar dam, hence it more of a reservoir.

  2. Trekking: Guided trekking is available in the park, allowing visitors to explore different trails and get closer to nature. Trekking provides a chance to observe wildlife, enjoy the lush landscapes, and experience the tranquility of the forest.

  3. Bamboo Rafting: Bamboo rafting is a unique experience offered in the park. Visitors can take part in guided rafting trips on Periyar Lake, allowing them to enjoy the serene surroundings and possibly spot wildlife from a different perspective. It is a combination of a hike and a rowing experience and is offered as both half and full day program.

  4. Nature Walks: Guided nature walks are organized by the park authorities, providing visitors with the opportunity to learn about the park's flora, fauna, and ecosystem from knowledgeable guides. Generally it is a three hour program.

  5. Border Hiking: Border hiking involves guided treks along the boundaries of the park, offering chances to encounter wildlife and enjoy panoramic views of the landscape.

  6. Periyar Tiger Trail: For the more adventurous, the Periyar Tiger Trail offers a multi-day trekking and camping experience deep within the forest, with the chance to encounter wildlife and learn survival skills. This works best if you are a hardcore wildlife / nature enthusiast.

Nature Walk at Periyar National Park
Nature Walk at Periyar National Park

More activities are organised by the park, however we are listing only the popular ones. It's important to check with the park authorities or official tourism sources for the most up-to-date information on available activities, timings, and safety guidelines before planning your visit to Periyar National Park.

Best time to visit the park is between October to February. Wildlife is more active, and you have a better chance of spotting animals, including elephants, deer, and birds, as they come out to water sources. March to May would be the summer months where the park would be very dry. The South West Monsoon arrives by Early June and it would be raining until end of August. Leeches are in abundance during the monsoon, however the park authorities would offer leech socks. The park would be green and refreshing during the monsoon season.

All of the activities offered by the Periyar National Park can by booked online at It is important that you carry a valid identity card with photograph and for foreign nationals it is best to carry a copy of your passport. The name while booking and the Identity card should match. For longer activities there would be food offered by the park, try wearing less flashy clothes, preferably green to camouflage yourself during the forest activity.

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