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Why Choose Green Earth Trails as your Kerala Tour Operator

Updated: Nov 4, 2023

Kerala tour packages by Green Earth Trails are designed to provide a comprehensive and hassle-free travel experience, often covering transportation, accommodation, meals, guided tours, day tours, and other activities or services, depending on the specific requirement of the traveler.

Check out out detailed itinerary page of a five days Kerala itinerary starting from Cochin and ending in Cochin, it is a round trip. This itinerary page will give you an exact idea as to how we work. The page includes a video itinerary, a true glance of how the tour is going to be, multiple price options and detailed notes. We believe this is what a guest bound to Kerala is looking for.

Green Earth Trails, Kerala Tour Operator
Green Earth Trails, Kerala tour operator

Who are we and What we do?

Green Earth Trails is about a bunch of youngsters from Kerala who have deep knowledge of Kerala and South India as a destination. We are a Kerala & South India Tour Operator. A tour operator can be defined as below

An agency who offers pre-arranged travel that includes a combination of services, amenities, and activities bundled together for the convenience of travelers.

Experience Counts

The tour programs or Kerala tour packages we used to make 15 years back might not have changed in its core structure, but the experience from a guest perspective might have changed a lot. Why? As we move forward there has been a lot of changes that have happened in the details, specially the finer details, these improvements have drastically reflected in the guest experiences.

We are Dynamic

We offer various options to cater to different types of travelers, interests, and budgets. Our Kerala tour packages can range from simple options, such as a basic package with just accommodation and transportation, to more elaborate packages that include guided sightseeing tours, entrance fees to attractions, meals, and even special events or exclusive experiences.

We have organised tours that lasts for a few days to extensive long tours that last for months (around 3 months or so at a stretch). We have organised festival tours like Onam tour in Kerala. We have organised Jallikattu visits in Tamil Nadu, you see the range is vast and we are confident about this.

Kerala Tour Operator in Kerala

Being local is a serious advantage. Taking services from a local Kerala tour operator gives you the advantage of cumulative local experience. Starting from the company representative, to the driver, to the hotels selected, the services offered. We are the son of the soil, the advantage we have as a Kerala tour operator might not be there for an operator form elsewhere organising tours to Kerala. This is an advantage that comes with the advancement of technology, and we embrace it.

Guests of Green Earth Trails - Kerala tour operator
Happy guests of Green Earth Trails - Kerala Tour Operator

Guest Reviews

We have always believed that a happy guest is our ambassador. When you really like someone you obviously talk a lot about them. Reviews are about gratitude for us from happy guests.

Benefits of booking a Kerala tour package with Green Earth trails include:

  1. Convenience - Travelers do not need to individually book each component of their trip, as everything is already arranged in the package. You gain that convenience from our experience as a Kerala tour operator.

  2. Cost saving - Bundling services together in a package can often result in lower overall costs compared to booking each component separately.

  3. Expertise & cumulative experience - Our tour packages come with the expertise of local guides who provide insights and information about the destinations visited.

  4. Itinerary - Guests can follow a pre-planned itinerary, which ensures they make the most of their time at the destination.

  5. Count us in the event of a crisis - Though mentioned last, this could be most crucial point if something goes wrong. We have had instances of Elephant charging, accidents, mishaps which no one ever thought, drowning and when you have have come one to count in these situations, nothing like that.

Tour packages can be tailored to different types of travel, such as leisure vacations, cultural tours, adventure trips, honeymoon getaways, and more. What suits you best, based on your reason for travel is something which we can customize.

We are available on whatsapp, in this age of messaging apps, we get all the Kerala tour package details right on your phone with the least possible time. Contact us on whatsapp here by clicking this link, and rest is on us.

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