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Casino Hotel by CGH Earth

Casino Hotel, CGH Earth, KPK Menon Road, Willingdon Island, Cochin, Kerala, India

The Casino Hotel is a renowned property situated on Willingdon Island in Kochi (Cochin), Kerala, India.


Willingdon Island is strategically located on the man-made Willingdon Island, offering proximity to Kochi's major attractions, including the port and historical sites. It rovides easy access to the city center, Fort Kochi, and other tourist spots.


Comfortable rooms, offers well-appointed rooms and suites with modern amenities, catering to both leisure and business travelers.

Facilities & Activities

Leisure Facilities : Provides recreational amenities like a swimming pool, fitness center, and possibly spa services.

Business and Events : Offers meeting rooms, banquet halls, and facilities for conferences or events.


Dining Options: Houses multiple restaurants and cafes serving a variety of cuisines, including local Kerala delicacies, seafood, and international dishes.

Overall Experience

  • Suitable for Business Travelers: Provides amenities and services catering to business needs, including conference facilities and business services.

  • Tourist-Friendly: Offers assistance with arranging tours, transportation, and exploring nearby attractions.

The Casino Hotel on Willingdon Island in Kochi stands out for its combination of modern amenities, colonial heritage, dining options, and convenient access to Kochi's attractions, making it a versatile choice for both business and leisure travelers visiting the city.

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