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Bekal fort on the shores of Arabian sea in North Kerala

Konkan Coast Tour - Kochi to Goa

Tour Overview

The South West coastline of India has two sets of coastline namely, the Malabar Coast which referred mostly to Kerala and The Konkan Coastline that referred to the coast of Karnataka and Goa. The Konkan coast tour is essentially a tour along the South West coast of India from Kochi to Goa. The tour will take you through history, forts, beautiful beaches, and coastal cuisine delicacies. The tour is one of the most underrated routes but offers scope for some of the most stunning tropical road trips. The trip starts from Kochi and you travel further North towards Goa through North Kerala and coastal Karnataka. There is a train journey included in the trip to give you a glance of the world-renowned Konkan railway that has numerous bridges and tunnels. The arrival would be at Kochi Airport [COK] and departure from Goa AIrport [GOI]

Konkan coast tour of South india route map

Konkan Coast Tour - Program Highlights

  • Sightseeing tour of Kochi and Harbor cruise in the backwaters of Kochi.

  • Cruise and stay overnight a Keralan houseboat with all meals served on board.

  • Visit the Cardamom Hills of Kerala & proceed for a Bamboo rafting session at the Periyar National Park.

  • Visit the Tea County of Munnar and proceed to see and experience the highest organic tea plantation and orthodox tea factory in the world.

  • Do Kayaking at river Periyar.

  • Visit the Elephant ground which is part of a Hindu Temple.

  • Stay in a traditional Kerala house, an experience Ayurveda massage at the homestay.

  • Visit the Wooden boat building yard at Beypore.

  • Visit forts and beaches of North Kerala at Kannur.

  • Experience a traditional temple ritual named Theyyam, which is also a colorful temple art.

  • Visit the St. Aloysius Chapel at Mangalore where the whole Chapel is hand painted with stories from the Bible by a Jesuit priest.

  • Do a trail journey through the Konkan railway line.

  • Enjoy a beach extension in Goa.

Central Kerala Itinerary

Cochin International Airport interior

Day 1 - Arrival at Cochin Airport - transfer to the hotel

On arrival at Cochin AIrport, our representative would be there at the airport to receive you. After meeting you will be transferred to Fort Kochi, known to be an old port town during the colonial era in India. On arrival check in at the hotel and you have rest of the day for rest until evening.


Cochin is a bustling port town that was once trade center from where tea and spices were shipped to the UK. Today the Old Cochin remains more of the tourism center and Ernakulam the new town has become more of a cosmopolitan city. Today evening you will venture in the backwater of Cochin in a motorboat - a Harbor cruise at Sunset. Return back to the hotel and rest of the evening is at the hotel. Dinner and overnight stay at the hotel of stay.

Fort Kochi by evening - Chinese nets

Day 2 - Sightseeing tour of Cochin

Today morning, post breakfast you would be proceeding for a sightseeing tour of Cochin. The visit would include the Kochi Maharaja's palace which is referred to as the Dutch Palace, the Jew town and the Paradeshi Synagogue. The Chinese fishing nets and the St. Francis Church, the very first Church built by the Europeans in India. It would be a half day sightseeing tour along with our Kochi destination specialist.

Rest of the day is designed to be at leisure. 


By evening, drive past the streets of Fort Cochin to a local art Theatre where a Kathakali or a kaleidoscope of Keralan cultural art form is organized. The Theatre acts a museum with a lot of impressive artifacts and monuments that depict the Kerala art culture. Return to the hotel for dinner and overnight stay.

Traditional houseboat cruise in Alleppey

Day 3 - Houseboat day cruise and overnight stay with all meals on board

After breakfast, drive South towards the backwater town of Alleppey. The backwaters of Kerala are one of the most fascinating worlds. The extension of the sea into the mainland what a backwater could be termed in short. However, it brings about a different culture altogether. Alleppey is where most of the houseboats are docked and you would be boarding a Kerala House by 12 in the noon.


The Houseboat cruise is the most fascinating way to explore and learn about the backwaters of Kerala. Everybody has a boat and the waterways act like water highways. The homes on the backwaters, the shops, the people, and their villages are altogether something different from the routine. The lunch and dinner would be served on board. By evening the boat will be docked for an overnight stay.

Green Cardamom plantation in Kerala

Day 4 - Drive to the Cardamom hills of Thekkady [100 Kms 2.5 hours]

After the Houseboat cruise, you will drive to the hills, the cardamom hills of Kerala. Cardamom has been a very important spice that has been shipped from the Malabar coast of Kerala since centuries. Apart from being home to world-class cardamom, these hills are home to some of the most exotic wildlife, flora, and fauna. The Periyar National Park and tiger reserve is one of the most distinct national parks in the country.


Drive East to Thekkady, on arrival, check in to the resort of stay. Later proceed for spice plantation tour where you get to see, know and understand about cardamom and other spices of the land, followed by a quick elephant back ride through the cardamom plantations. By evening, visit a local theatre where you get to see the traditional Keralan Marital art form of Kalaripayattu. Where warrior men showcase the beauty of this martial art form. Rest of the day is at leisure and overnight stay at the resort.

Day 5 - Bamboo rafting - Trek and Raft at Periyar National Park

Bamboo ratting at periyar - Green earth

Today morning you will proceed to Periyar National Park, where you would be joining a group of people who would be walking to the Periyar National Park and further raft in a bamboo raft through the lake reservoir. This would be a half day program where you get to know more about the National Park The flora, fauna, trees, the terrain, and the ambiance. The National Park consists of Elephants, Sambar deer, wild boat, otters and tigers. 


There would be an armed guard along with the group and it would be a walk of almost 3 hours where you reach the banks of the reservoir where the group members board the bamboo raft and move around in the water. There are every possibility to sight wild animals on the banks of the reservoir. by noon you return back to boat landing point of the National Park and further return back to the resort, rest of the day would be at leisure and own activities.

Tractor taking tea leaves in Munnar

Day 6 - Transfer to the Tea County of Munnar [100 Kms 3.5 hours]

Munnar is referred to as the tea county of Kerala. European planters arrived this mountain ranges and tried multiple crops and finally decided to plant tea all of the hills of Munnar. They called these mountain ranges as the "Kannan Devan hills". Munnar is one area in the Western Ghats that has the height mountain ranges in the whole of Western Ghats. The heights and the second heights peaks are around Munnar - Anamudi, and Meesapulimalai.


On arrival at Suryanelli in Munnar, you will check in at the hotel and have rest of the day at leisure. Munnar has cooler weather than that of Thekkady and you could plan for an evening walk through the village center. Most of the people in Munnar are of Tamil origin and are part of the tea plantation community. Rest of the day at leisure at Suryanelli in Munnar.

Kulukkumalai orthodox tea factory in Munnar

Day 7 - Early morning visit to Kolukkumalai and later transfer to Thattekkad [110 Kms 3.5 hours]

The Kolukkumalai viewpoint, the tea estate and the factory are certain factors very unique to the Tea county of Munnar. The viewpoint during sunrise will take you to a mood of paradise through the mist-clad mountains. The Kolukkumalai tea factory is the world's highest organic tea estate and the factory here was established in the late 1940s. The factory here still follows the seven-step Orthodox method of tea production and retains all of the old machinery brought all the way from England then.


On return from the tea factory, you will have breakfast at the hotel and further proceed to Thattekkad, known for the river Periyar and the Salim Ali Brid Sanctuary located inside the forests of Thattekkad. You would be staying at a camp on the banks of the river. The property has a lot of interesting activities including cycling and river kayaking. Overnight stay at the Camp.

Elephant sanctuary kerala

Day 8 - Trek & Birding expeditions in to the forest of Thattekkad

Thattekkad is known to be a part of the foothills of the Western Ghats and is covered with some core forest tracks. Many exotic species of birds, as well as migratory birds, arrive at these forests. Today you will walk into the forest region along with a naturalist who will explain the wild beauties of Thattekkad. This would be a half day program and you will be returning back to the camp. 


Rest of the day is at leisure at the camp by the river. By evening there is scope for some river kayaking or fishing, these are interesting experiences that could keep you engaged. Overnight stay at the camp.

We are the best tour operator in South India who assure you the memorable evergreen experience of Konkan coast tour.

Salim Ali Bird Sanctuary Thattekkad

Day 9 - Drive to the Temple Town of Guruvayoor [120 Kms 4 hours]

Guruvayoor is a Temple town located in the district of Thrissur very close to the Arabian shoreline. The two-thousand-year-old Krishna Temple is a known pilgrim center for the local Hindu community. The Temple is a cultural center where many students of art and dance to perform for the very first time for the blessing of the Lord. There is this interesting tradition of offering Elephants to the temple. 


All of these Elephants are nurtured at a place called as Anathavalam- A sanctuary where you can find around 60 elephants together. The temple elephants are kept here and nurtured as they are offerings to Lord Krishna. THe Palayoor Church at Guruvayoor is believed to be one of the first churches established by St. Thomas, the apostle of Christ.  Overnight at the hotel of stay.

HariVihar Ayurveda homestead Kozhikode Kerala

Day 10 - Transfer to the land of Zamorins - Kozhikode [100 Kms 3 hours] 

Kozhikode is a town in North of Kerala on the shores of the Arabian sea. The land of Urus, an Arabian Dhow, Kalaripayattu Martial Art form and hub of the Moopila cuisine of North Kerala. Your two nights of stay in Kozhikode comprises of a visit to the Shipbuilding yard and experience a two-night leisure stay in a 170-year-old Ayurveda homestead. 


On arrival, check in at the homestead, late afternoon experience an Ayurveda general body massage and explore the world of Ayurveda where an Ayurveda doctor will give you a deeper idea about the ancient science of Ayurveda. Rest of the day at leisure and rest after the Ayurveda massage.

beypore ship building yard- green earth

Day 11 - Visit the Beypore Uru ship building yard [120 Kms 4 hours]

Beypore is that little coastal village on the shores of the Arabian sea, very close to Kozhikode where a tradition of building wooden dhows exist. The dhows are built for the Shieks of Arabia who considers having a wooden dhow to be a part of their prestigious lifestyle. Little is known where the art of Shipbuilding originated on the Malabar coast or in Arabia. It is a laborious work where everything is done by hand. Technically it is a handmade ship from the sawing of wood to even tieing the last knots for the sail.


At Beypore you will find many dhows making units and all of them are made for the Arabian world. The morning will be spent at Beypore, afternoon you will walk past the Sweet street and the town center of Kozhikode to get an idea about the city. Return back to the homestead for an overnight stay.

Thalassery Sea bridge North of Kerala

Day 12 - Transfer to Kannur - the land of looms [100 Kms 3 hours] 

After breakfast, transfer to Kannur. The travel would mostly be through coastal Kerala and en route would be passing by Mahe which is a Union Territory which was controlled by the French for trade, and Thalassery which was a stronghold of British India. Thalassery is known to be the land of cakes, cricket, and Circus. There is a fort built by the British where they had their base during the Indo Anglo war with Tipu Sultan of Mysore. The fort has a lighthouse and a Church behind the fort which was built by a few sailors who had their shipwrecked during their sail to the Malabar Coast.


Further drive to Kannur where you reach the resort by evening. Kannur has limited resort and has more of beach homes right on the beach. Overnight stay at the beach home.

theyyam- traditional art form- green earth trails

Day 13 - Visit Kannur, later we plan to visit a Village to see Theyyam

Visit the town center where you get to see the Arackal Museum, a family that ruled over the Northern Kerala who had a very strong Navy. The St. Angelo Fort, the weaving center and the beedi making unit are some interesting places you could spend the morning.


Afternoon we drive to the villages of Kannur where you get to see and understand about the most ritualistic temple tradition called Theyyam. There are limitations about viewing Theyyam, this is going to be a late night event that would extend over midnight. However we would be mostly focusing on showing you the makeup and the process of a man becoming a deity for a while. This is not something that is confirmed, there are many elements that would confirm whether we could be a part of the event. 

The St. Aloysius Chapel Mangalore

Day 14 - Drive to Mangalore [143 Kms 3 hours] 

After breakfast, you will drive to Mangalore which is a major port town in the Indian state of Karnataka on the West coast of India. People in Mangalore speak Kanada. The most moment you cross the state borders you are almost in Mangalore. 


Apart from being an industrial port town, Mangalore has a lot of historical aspects, and is known to be one of the major cashew processing and exporting places in Southern India. The St. Aloysius Chapel is another interesting place to visit in Mangalore. The Church has a lot of marvelous hand painted painting in the ceiling. The Chapel was built by Jesuit Missionaries in 1880 and its interiors painted by the Italian Jesuit Antonio Moscheni in 1899, during the Mangalore Mission in 1878. The Italian Jesuits played an important role in education, health, and social welfare of the Mangalorean Catholic community

Dudhsagar waterfalls Goa

Day 15 - Day train to Goa, via the Konkan Railway

After breakfast take a day train to the Mangalore Railway Station. Today you would be traveling from Mangalore to Goa (Madgoan) by train through the Konkan railway. The Konkan railway is known to be a coastal railway line that has a lot of bridges and tunnels and goes through the Konkan coastline of South West India. The 350-kilometer railroad journey will take approximate of 6.5 hours.


On arrival at Madgoan railway station, you will be transferred to the hotel or Beach resort for a beach extension stay. Tomorrow there would be a half day sightseeing tour of Goa after which the beach extension would be decided as per your choice. overnight stay in the hotel in Goa.

Beaches of Goa - India

Day 16 - Sightseeing tour of Goa

Morning after breakfast, you can go for a sightseeing tour of Goa, where you would be visiting the Old Goa Church, the Basilica of Bom Jesus, some 14 kilometers from the Goan capital city of Panaji.


The half day sightseeing tour will also take you around Panaji, a walking around the city, Miramar beach and Dona Paula. After the sightseeing tour, it is time to return back to the hotel. The rest of the days could be considered as a beach extension in Goa. The tou is literally coming to an end and based on the number of days required for the beach extension, the departure dates could be finalized​

Flight departure

Day 17 - Departure Transfer to the International Airport at Goa. 

A relaxed journey, cherishing memories of your Konkan Coast Tour , back to the airport.

Green earth trails, south india tour operator make sure that your entire journey will end up with total comfort and relax mood.

The program includes

  • Accommodation in the below mentioned hotels / resorts in standard rooms.

  • The respective meals during the course of the tour as mentioned in the itinerary.

  • The transportation would be in a cab or larger SUV or Van based on the number of travelers in the group.

  • Local guides would be assigned wherever is required based on the itinerary for sightseeing and city tours.

  • Entry tickets and mandatory permits are included in the cost. however certain points of interest will have a camera / video camera ticket, which is not included in the price.

  • There would be one 500 ml bottle of water in coach per day.

  • Tips, Table drinks, shopping or expenses of personal nature are not included in the tour and has to be paid directly at the point of purchase.


  • This tour can be organized for both Free Individual Travelers as well as a group. This is very much a customizable itinerary based on the interest of the travelers. Price would be based on the customization and the accommodation options included in the tour.

  • Once you have decided to go ahead with the tour, you will require to take an Indian Visa on your own contacting an Indian embassy or Indian missions abroad. 

  • To confirm your participation we would require 50% of the tour as an advance deposit. You can make this deposit with either by bank transfer or by credit card.

  • The tour does not come along with a travel insurance.

  • In case of an emergency, the required would be done by us as a tour operator within our limits.

  • Kindly contact us to know more about the itinerary, cost along with the cancellation policy.

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