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A guide to hiring a cab for your Kerala tour

There are two primary things that you require while planning your Kerala tour, first is a place to stay and the second is a facility to move around. Rest all of the activities and programs that you can do in Kerala come after that. To book a place for stay, you can book it from any part of the world through numerous online websites. The later is something like a partially organised industry and booking a cab in Kerala can sometimes become a bit tricky while planning your Kerala tour. And this blog post is about a guide to hiring a cab for your Kerala tour.

Hiring cabs for Kerala tours

Kerala as a state has 10% of its revenue coming from tourism, and 23.5% of the total population of the state is directly or indirectly involved in the tourism industry, as per the centre for public policy research, published in 2018. Cab drivers are a considerable part of this population and they seriously contribute to better tourism outcomes.

At least for us, we believe that it is the cab driver who makes tour amazing, and if you get a wrong guy behind the wheels, it is a just going to be as good as a horror movie. At Green Earth Trails we work closely with the cab driver community. Unlike city cab drivers, overnight trip drivers who take you as part of your Kerala package, need to be skilled, knowledgeable and disciplined.

Cab drivers literally act as local representatives of Kerala who can guide your through the complete tour. Only an experienced and reliable Kerala tour operators can offer you cabs for multiple days with reliable drivers. They literally sleep in cars, and take a lot of effort in having the multiple days program viable. And we really want to appreciate the fact that it is these drivers make way for memorable experience during their tour i Kerala.

We have a page on our Kerala tour website, where we have listed the prices and book your cab for your Kerala tour. You can either get in touch with us on Whatsapp or shoot an email to hello at greenearthtrails dot com for more information, and we can assist you book your quality cab for your holiday, if you have already booked your hotels elsewhere.

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