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One of the best places for your honeymoon in India

Updated: Nov 18, 2023

The Lakshadweep Islands is among the most beautiful destinations in India, it is not just about the turquoise blue water, lagoons, reefs, and the underwater world. But essentially it is a core zone on our planet that is literally untouched and least spoiled. Let your honeymoon be on paradise, let it be on Lakshadweep. Green Earth Trails is part of Travelcart India which is an Authorized Tour Operator to the Lakshadweep Islands. We have been to these Islands and have had a great time there and made a video about our trip to share it to the world.

Lakshadweep Islands have not been very much prominent on the tourism map of India, with a lot of restrictions and limited connectivity the destination is open only for people who have a love for nature. Even though the destination has been open since the later 1980s, the connectivity and the high priced pattern have kept the destination away for the regular tourist who is price conscious. It is not that it does not deliver value, the value in immeasurable if you are looking at it in the right perspective.

Why is Lakshadweep the best place for your Honeymoon in India

Evening walk at the Island of Bangaram Lakshadweep

For honeymooner's Lakshadeep is a sure bet, a place of tranquility, extreme privacy, silent, calm and all you hear is the waves and the tughs of the fallen coconut once in a while. We are referring to Bangaram Island and Thinnakkara Island, an hour a cruise from the only aeraodrome in the Island - Agatti. By any chance, we are not referring to the Samudram package where you sail from Kochi to the Islands and stay on board the ship and do day tours to the Islands.

Why you should plan Lakshadweep Island for your honeymoon in India

Bangaram Island

A beautiful Island is an exclusive place for people seeking privacy, its an Island with a very few people in there. The sunrise and the sunsets are magnificent, the evening walk with the chit chats, walks across to the sandbanks, swimming together, dive together, snorkel together, do everything together in paradise.

How do you book your Lakshadweep holiday

  1. share your dates of travel to Lakshdweep Islands

  2. We at Green Earth Trails will send you the availability and the price (we suggest a minimum of 3 nights)

  3. Once you have decided on the plan, we require a full deposit via online transfer or bank wire transfer, or Pay Pal. A cent percent advance deposit is require to guarantee your reservation at Lakshadweep Islands.

  4. On receipt of the payment, we will issue the receipt for the payment.

  5. Further, we would require a copy of your passport and meal preference (veg or Non-Veg) to issue the permit to the Islands. Every person is counted, everyone would require a permit to land in the Lakshadweep Islands, irrespective of being an India citizen.

  6. Even before planning your trip, you should be knowing this - you are not supposed to carry Alcohol to the Islands, if found you could be arrested right away, however there is a Bar in the Island of Bangaram - considering it an Island for tourists.

Bangaram Island resort by evening

If you are looking for something distinct to plan for your honeymoon in India, you have come to the right place, all you need to do is, be in touch with us, we will take care of the rest. You are about to book one of the most beautiful trips you have ever had in your lifetime.

The only way to reach Lakshadweep Islands is from Kochi, in that case considering to do a leg of travel in Kerala can be a good idea - Check out our Kerala Honeymoon Package for more information

Call us at +91 9746201730 (available on Whatsapp) or send us an email to

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