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What to expect during your stay at Marari Beach Resort ?

Marari Beach Resort is a beautiful eco-friendly beachfront property located in Mararikulam, a fishing village in Kerala, India. Here are some highlights of the resort:

Marari Beach Resort on the Arabian sea shores of Kerala

Location of Marari Beach Resort

  • Setting : Situated along the shores of the Arabian Sea at Mararikulam, the resort offers a serene and tranquil atmosphere, perfect for relaxation.

  • Proximity : It's close to Alleppey (Alappuzha) and Kochi (Cochin), making it accessible for tourists exploring Kerala's backwaters and cultural heritage.

Accommodation at Marari Beach Resort

  • Cottages: The resort features traditionally designed cottages made with eco-friendly materials, offering a blend of modern comfort and local aesthetics. They have more than 60 thatched roof cottages.

  • Privacy: The cottages often come with private gardens or verandas, providing a peaceful retreat. The bathrooms are mostly available with open showers.

Ayurveda at Marari Beach Resort

Facilities and Activities at Marari Beach Resort

  • Ayurveda center : Offers traditional Ayurvedic treatments and massages for relaxation and rejuvenation.

  • Cultural Experiences : Guests can engage in activities like yoga sessions, cooking classes, and learning traditional Kerala arts.

  • Beach Activities : The beachfront location allows for various activities, such as beach walks, and possibly water sports during except monsoon season. You can see a lot of fishermen community close by mostly returning from the sea by morning. There are tennis courts and some in house local activities.

  • The big pool : The big pool at Marari Beach resort makes it an eligible tropical beach destination for longer tropical beach vacations.

Organic farm at Marari Beach Resort

Eco-Friendly Initiatives by CGH Earth

  • Sustainable Practices : Known for its commitment to sustainable tourism, the resort promotes eco-friendly practices like rainwater harvesting, organic farming, and waste management.

  • Community Involvement : Engages with the local community, supporting nearby villages and promoting local culture and crafts.

Dining at Marari Beach Resort

Dining at Marari Beach Resort

  • Cuisine: Offers a range of Kerala cuisine and international dishes, often focusing on locally sourced ingredients and seafood. They have a main restaurant and beach side shack open except during the monsoon.

  • Ambiance: The dining experience may include open-air settings, allowing guests to enjoy the surroundings while dining. The bar is rustic and they have a beach bar.

Pool at Marari Beach Resort

Overall Experience at Marari Beach Resort

  • Tranquility : The resort emphasizes a peaceful environment, making it suitable for those seeking relaxation away from the hustle and bustle.

  • Nature : Guests can immerse themselves in nature, enjoying the beauty of the beach, lush greenery, and coconut groves. They have a kitchen garden as well as a butterfly garden close to the restaurant.

Going into the sea for a swim is not recommended, the tides could change swiftly.

Marari Beach Resort stands out for its commitment to sustainable practices, cultural experiences, and its serene beachfront location, offering guests a chance to unwind and connect with nature. It is one of the only places in Kerala where they have a numerous repeaters coming from overseas every year to spend their vacation at Marari Beach Resort.

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