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How to book a quality cab for your Kerala tour package

Online cab booking for Kerala tour package

This has been a long awaited blog post. As a company we believe that the success of any tour is in achieving a high level of guest satisfaction and excitement. A Kerala tour itself is filled with very interesting things, and the destinations offer many unique things. However to access all of it, means to have a good driver with you. And the success of a tour depends very much on the contribution of the driver. A driver during your Kerala tour can make or break your tour, he is the key person as to how to ground level experience is going to be.

Taxi booking for Kerala tour

The drivers who take Kerala tour packages are experienced people who know the in and out of a destination. They have been catering to all kinds of guest, almost after the first day they generally get an idea about the interest of the guests which allows them to suggest based on the interest of the guests. More than the cab itself, a good driver can help you make your tour the most memorable one.

Reliable drivers for solo female travlers in Kerala

If you are looking for a cab for your Kerala tour package, where you have already booked the hotels and accommodation elsewhere, we mean not from us as a whole program. We have options to let our the car and driver for your kerala tour package. Organising a good driver and a good cab is not a difficult task as we have been doing this for a while now. The best part is that you can book the cab online for your Kerala tour package on our website, by just paying a very nominal advance deposit. This works only for tour packages and not for intercity transfers, for which there are multiple options including UBER.

This is a very tricky and competitive things to book a cab online for Kerala tour, everyone pitches on the price and quality is nowhere to be seen. Remember that you are hiring the cab for multiple days and this driver and cab is going to be with you for some time. So there are more to look for than just the price. The reliability of the company, genuinity of the cab booking company, while most players outsource the cab arrangement to a third party, we organizing drivers who are directly associated with us which means there are less intermediaries.

Taxi booking for Kerala tour from Kochi

We pay for the driver what they really deserve, for example staying overnight in a destination. Most driver sleep inside the cab, and places like Munnar, when the temperature drops to less than 12 degrees during night, the sleep might not be that easy. Of course they might have all basics like blankets, sleeping inside the car is tough, this has been the same for a very long time. Hence the remuneration cannot be compromised irrespective of competition.

Maintenance and neatness of the taxi is an important criteria, as we associate only with disciplined drivers who take care of their work very well. Most of the cab drivers get their cab maintainence service on time as they run for very long distances. A stitch in time saves nine, so is the case of taxi maintenance, and keeping the cab neat and clean at all times is very important for us. When you go for cheap cab options, you might not get that freshness inside the cab everyday, you just compromised a lot of things for the same of a marfinal price difference.

Long story short, if you are booking the cab for your Kerala tour package via a good agency or a tour company that values quality. Half of your job is done. You can also look into our list of tours on offer, to get more clarity about the itineraries available to travel in Kerala.

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