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Kerala tour packages at genuine prices

Check out the five day Kerala Tour Package curated to make use of all the time you are in Kerala covering almost all popular destinations in central Kerala. This program is a Cochin round trip Kerala Tour Package - Watch the below YouTube video itinerary of the five days Kerala tour Program.

Kerala is a wonderful place, serene landscapes, beaches, backwaters, mountain ranges with super cool weather, plantations, and a lot more. If you try to compare Kerala with any other state in India or for that matter, the world, it would be very difficult. It is primarily because of just one single reason the topography of the state. Probably you might not find a place on planet earth with so many attractive natural facets coming close together. The hills the beaches, and the backwaters all coming together at so close range is something unique to Kerala and this is nothing more than true blessings from the God. And facilitating to visit these beautiful places is what we do, which is generally envisaged into this keyword called "Kerala tour package"

Kerala tour packages
Kerala tour package from Green Earth Trails

Now you have so many things to see around, what you need next would be a facility to stay and travel around, essentially a cab. Of course there are reliable public transport mechanisms available, but we shall stick to a cab as most people who contact us are looking for a cab to see around Kerala. The most basic Kerala tour package includes accommodation at respective destinations and a cab to take you around places for sightseeing. This is going to be the basic structure that you would see in most websites, being a new person to Kerala, the tour operator could fetch all the popular details and facilitate the hotel accommodation and the cab through a one point contact.

Here in this competition, some tour operators could offer you some cheap options convincing it be under a star classification, which really might not even be a classified hotel. The convenience and professional advice might be the most popular attribute that guests planning to visit Kerala would be expecting from a tour operator. But then the fierce competition would find way for some operators to offer cheaper hotel stating that they are probably three or four star hotels. It is the inexperience of the guest that is being taken for granted and eventually most experiences turn out to be very much lower than expectation, basically a new three star benchmark is created inside the guest's mindset.

The domestic guests do not really value the services of a guide or any ancillary services primarily because the price of the whole Kerala tour package become relatively expensive, however it is really worth it from a value perspective. A clock tower becomes more interesting and relevant when you get to know more about the story associated witht he clock tower, until then it is just a clock tower in Cochin. This elements like the service of a local guide, walking tours, and detailed tours are more appreciated by guests coming from outside India.

The tour operator definitely charges you a fee, it could be done in various ways. The service of curating a tour program does involve time, money and effort which is the investment of the tour operator and the return comes in the form of commissions or service charges. It is probably equivalent to the hours of research one will have to put into make your a travel program enriching. And sometimes most of these elements might not be available on the internet. Generally the charges could vary from program to program, however one could expect around 10% to 15% as charges which is generally availed from the special contract rates achieved from the hotels based on the number of room night business provided to the hotel / resort / houseboat / or any other service provider.

How do you prevent yourself from not falling into ingenuine prices. An ingenuine price is subject to offering very cheap package for what is offered or very expensive for what is mentioned. In Kerala more than classification of the hotels, the hotels are always categorised based on the price. Most hotels in tourist destinations are not classified, if at all they are classified, they are classified only for the purpose of availing a bar license. Try adding up the cost of the hotels offered by a tour operator in a Kerala tour package from the prices you get online for the respective room category, a random calculation will get you an idea. Also check for the reviews of the hotel, all of this together will take half an hour for the entire tour.

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