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Top Things to Do in Kannur: Beaches, Cuisine, and Theyyam

Kannur, located in the northern part of Kerala, India, is a beautiful place with a rich cultural heritage and natural beauty. It is known to the the land of looms and lores, it refers to the flourishing handloom industry it once had and the lores relate to the folklore. Vasco da Gama first saw the land of India here and further moved South to Kozhikode. This is the land of brave warriors, and had strong resistance towards the colonial powers who arrived here. Here are some of the top things to do in Kannur.

Explore Forts: Visit St. Angelo Fort, a 16th-century Portuguese fort with stunning views of the Arabian Sea. Also, explore the nearby Kannur Fort (Kannur Kotta) and Thalassery Fort built by the British, for a glimpse into the region's history. Though we talk about a lot of Forts in Kerala, these are the only existing ones today.

Thottada beach Kannur

Beaches: Kannur is home to some of the most stunning beaches in Kerala. Payyambalam Beach is a known beach in the city, however there are more amazing beaches in remote locations in Kannur. Thottada, Dharmadam, Ezhara, Meenkunnu, Choottad, Ezhimala, Kizhunna, and Ettikulam beaches are some of the popular beaches in Kannur. Drive a bit further South to discover the secluded beauty of Muzhappilangad Drive-in Beach, one of the few drive-in beaches in the world.

Theyyam ritual in Kannur

Theyyam Performances: Witness Theyyam, a traditional ritualistic dance form of North Kerala. It’s a unique experience showcasing vibrant costumes, folklore, and rituals. The Theyyam season is from December to May, and most of them happen at temples. A local guide can easily help you find where Theyyam is happening in Kannur.

Handloom and Handicrafts Shopping: Explore local markets for authentic Kannur handloom fabrics like the famous Kannur cotton sarees and unique handicrafts. Visit the village of Chirakkal to witness artisans crafting exquisite handicrafts like bell metal crafts and pottery.

Visit Parassinikadavu Muthappan Temple, on the bank of the Valapattanam river. Experience the spirituality and unique rituals at the Muthappan Temple, known for its distinctive rituals and practices. The deity is the incarnation of Lord Shiva and has Dog as his "vahana" (vehicle), you can see a lot dogs roaming around here freely.

Arakkal Museum: Discover the history of the Arakkal family, the only Muslim royal family in Kerala, at the Arakkal Museum. It houses artifacts, furniture, and personal belongings of the family. This royal family had intense connections with the Lakshadweep Islands and one can find fascinating history of Kannur during their reign in the Malabar region.

Malabar Cuisine

Cuisine Exploration: Relish the delicious Malabar cuisine, known for its variety of seafood dishes, biryanis, and unique flavors. Don’t miss trying the local snacks like Banana Chips and Pathiri. Their range is amazing and the Malabari cuisine will take you to a different gastronomical experience. A guide can tell a lot about local restaurants that serve impressive Malabari meals and seafood.

Azhikkal Ferry: Take a ferry ride at Azhikkal Ferry, enjoying the scenic beauty while traveling between Azhikkal and Valapattanam backwaters.

Kannur International Airport

Remember, Kannur is a place deeply rooted in cultural traditions, so immerse yourself in its history, art, and local experiences to truly appreciate its beauty. Kannur has an international airport, however the destination has not much come to limelight primarily because of limited accommodation and tourism infrastructure. which means it is still a stunning unexplored option if you are looking for some serious offbeat travel. Kannur is a prominent place in our Konkan coast tour itinerary

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