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Top tour operators in Kerala for your next Kerala Holiday

Updated: Mar 4

The list of top tour operators in Kerala might not be as long a list than anyone would expect. After the arrival of internet some twenty years back, you can see loads and loads of websites showing up a whole lot of information about Kerala tour packages, destination details, hotels, resort and a lot more. Having so many tour operators in Kerala is something peculiar to Kerala tourism, it is a service oriented industry and anyone can start a tour company based out of Kerala if you have a bare minimum capital to start of. But the primary point that would establish a good tour operator form Kerala would be the knowledge and experience the personnel of the Kerala tour company has about the destination and the experiences the destination has to offer.

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Green Earth Trails - Kerala tour packages

Types of tour operators based in Kerala

There are two two types of tour companies, inbound and domestic tour operators in Kerala. inbound tour companies are Kerala tour operators catering to foreign guests who relatively spend more time in Kerala at the same time would love to have deeper experiences, at the same time a domestic tour operator from Kerala would be a company who will be able to offer better prices with lower margins which will primarily have a good cab driver and a bunch of hotels in the respective destinations. I will be listing Good brands, as well as companies as well as good bands that operate with search volume domains like "" and "". Also there are a lot of outbound tour operation companies in Kerala, off late Keralites have started to travel across the world, mostly to far east countries and other tourist destinations.

Kerala tourism Logo - Tour operators in Kerala

Why choose a tour operator in Kerala?

Tour operation is primarily a service industry and gone are those days where it was hard to find information about a particular destination. Everything is available at the fingertips. The tour operator primarily helps you in having the convenience of building everything together for a service cost which is mostly availed from the service providers. If at all you have avail a Kerala tour packages from a tour company elsewhere in the world, eventually it will be operated by a local tour operator in Kerala, which means there are more intermediaries and more margins and hence the cost of the tour tends to be expensive. at the same time when you have a local tour operator in your town organising a tour in Kerala you will have someone locally in your town when something goes wrong.

However things have changed a lot, today you have local listings on Google maps where you can find tour operation company offices available on Google, you have read reviews of guests who have traveled with them, you can even see when these reviews were written and one could easily identify a rating of any Kerala tour operator. Even tour operators have become conscious about it and nobody takes anything for granted. At the same time there is a voice for the Kerala tour operator to respond to the reviews that negatively impact them.

Kochi is not a city it is a feeling Kochi Biennale grafitti

Are Kerala tour operators based in Kochi?

As we mentioned earlier, being a service industry it is not necessary that a tour operation company has to be based in Kochi or Cochin, they can be anywhere who directly deal with service providers. However most tour operators in Kerala are not necessarily based in Kochi, there are many small and big tour operators working from different parts of Kerala. However most of them have established themselves in cities where tour companies can avail better talent at the same time have better exposure to service providers and guests who would like to visit their offices.

Here is the list of top internet based tour operators from Kerala considering the above mentioned criterias. The list is random and the Kerala tour operators list is not listed in any sequence. At Green Earth Trails, as a tour operator from Kerala, we thought that this idea about writing about our fellow tour operators would be a very interesting thing within the travel fraternity. We are not writing anything about us, lets talk about others now, its a random order, here we go!

Pioneer Personalized Holidays - Tour operator in Kerala

Pioneer Personalized Holidays - They are literally pioneers to have started off in the tourism sector from Kerala. Mr. P D Joseph was working with the CGH group of hotels and later ventured into starting Pioneer Personalized holidays, today his son Renju heads the company. I have worked here for a year and a half. Proper inbound company, organising for both direct guests as well as for travel agents / tour operators. They have a fleet of cars of their own.

Paradise holidays - Tour operator in Kerala

Paradise Holidays - Mr. Ratheesh came to this industry accidentally, when he was working for a multinational software company. Someone he knew was coming down to visit Kerala and I guess he eventually did the tour operation work for them, something striked, and that was how Paradise was born. Both Iris and Paradise are contemporaries, who started during the same time period. They offer very effective packages bundled with just hotels and cab. Ratheesh write blogs and does experiment ideas, some work, some don't. They have their office next to his home in Aluva, not far from Cochin Airport.

Iris hoidays - tour operator in Cochin

Iris holidays started off small and organically grew over time. Iris was started in 2009. Probably a hobby project for Lijo Isac who works in a senior management role of a big corporation in India. The company is managed by his dad Mr. Isac next to their home. They have a website with a lot of information about Kerala and they have around 1500 reviews on TripAdvisor, that is really mind blowing! And they have been achieving the TripAdvisor hall of fame year after year for over ten years now. We could not find any popular tour operator other than them promoting to write reviews Tripadvisor. We felt people write reviews about hotels on more than tour operators. They have been consistent and have become quite big now, and lot of interesting reviews. They are based out of Kochi.

Tour operator in Thiruvananthapuram - Travel Planners

Travel Planners ( - Mr. Aneesh has been in the tourism sector for a very long time, some 25 plus years. And has made a fortune out of this trade. A silent person by nature, he tapped the best out of the early internet days and was in the first set of entrepreneurs during the early tourism gold rush. They are based out of Thiruvananthapuram. They organise both domestic and inbound programs.

Tour operator in Kochi - Kerala hoildays

Intersight ( - Mr. Abraham George also fondly called Johny sir heads the company Intersight holidays. One of the biggest tourism companies in Kerala, probably during the tourist season, they might have thousands of guests moving across Kerala with them. is a domain they manage and operate for their direct guests. Lot of people travel with them, essentially a mass mover based out of Kochi.

Did we miss you? Let us know about you on the comment box and we shall be looking forward to write more about you.

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Greeshma Mukesh
Greeshma Mukesh
Dec 27, 2023

This is such a great informative post, love your photos!

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