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Best places to visit in Kerala for your upcoming Kerala itinerary in 2024

There are many best places to visit in Kerala, however putting everything into an itinerary might not work well. The best places to visit in Kerala has been curated together into multiple itineraries of multiple length, they all are available in our Kerala tour packages page which will be very much insightful for you. you can have a look at them clicking the below image link.

Places to visit in Kerala for 2024

Places to visit in Kerala for 2024

Of all the itinerary the best selling tour package considering the length and the places incorporated would be the five days Kerala package that include Munnar, Thekkady, Alleppey and Cochin. It includes a houseboat stay as well. The following will be helpful to you if you are trying find the top best places to visit in Kerala.

Munnar - The tea county of Kerala

Munnar - Places to visit in Kerala for 2024

Munnar is located within the highest points of the Western Ghats. The Eravikulam National Park houses the highest peak in South India, known as Anamudi. The higher elevation and the vast expanse of the tea plantations and some of the most stunning view points and the history of the place makes it a top visit place in Kerala. Nearest Airport is Cochin International Airport. If you are staying for a third night in Munnar, try visiting the Kolukkumalai estate and factory and the Panther hill, it would be a life time experience. One will need to reach Chinnakanal by around 4 am to experience the amazing view and sunrise.

Thekkady - The wildlife & Spices

Thekkady - Places to visit in Kerala for 2024

Thekkady is known for two things, the cardamom & spices plantations and the Periyar National Park. Spice garden tours are common to both Munnar and Thekkady however the Periyar National Park is the most unique thing that attracts guests towards Thekkady. The common boat safari at lake Periyar is the most popular activity here where you get to sight wild animals on the banks of the reservoir. Apart from the boat safari, the forest department organises very interesting hikes, treks and bamboo rafting experiences.

Alleppey - Houseboats and backwater life

Alleppey - Places to visit in Kerala for 2024

The backwaters of Alleppey is known for the houseboat. The boats cruise through the remote regions of the backwaters giving you a glance of this water world. Life is different here, so is the people. They go agriculture below sea level, they make fibre out of coconut husks and they make ropes out of it. It is a distinct way of observing and seeing around the backwaters of Kerala.

Kumarakom - Backwaters in silent countryside

Kumarakom - - Places to visit in Kerala for 2024

Kumarakom is a backwater hamlet located on the opposite side of the Vembanad backwaters of Kerala. Life is slow here and it is all about village life and her people. There are very interesting village tours where one could see how local people live, sip some toddy, see mat weaving, walk through vast paddy fields and go through narrow canals and creeks where once could see how life goes on in slow lane. Kumarakom is one of the very first destination in India to adopt responsible tourism initiatives where the local community is very much part of the tourism process and are considered to be important stake holders.

Kochi - Story of an old historic port town

Fort Kochi - - Places to visit in Kerala for 2024

Often referred to as the Queen of the Arabian sea, Kochi has been a mute witness to the colonial invasions in Kerala. It was the headquarters of the Portuguese, dutch and the British, mostly for her natural harbour and easy maritime access. It was a centre of business, culture and was cosmopolitan in nature with people from many parts of the world stay close together in a smaller geography. The reminiscence of Kochi include the Chinese nets, the St. Francis church built some 400 years back, the dutch palace built by the portuguese and the Paradesi Synagogue of Mattancherry. Apart from all these you can see numerous colonial buildings and warehouses which were built by the British.

Athirapally - Forests and the mighty waterfall

Athirapally waterfalls - - Places to visit in Kerala for 2024

The Athirapally waterfalls is a hidden gem nestled within the Shola evergreen forest of the Western Ghats. The falls becomes active and during the monsoon which is when the rains make it more mighty and powerful. The Gushing waterfalls could be heard from long distance and the river covers up the entire area. There is an interesting steep pathway towards the bottom of the waterfall which is an interesting trail. We strongly do not recommend the Athirapally waterfalls for elderly people or people who have difficulty in mobility, the pathway to the waterfalls is tedious and tends to be difficult for elderly people. Apart from the falls there are interesting hiking trails in Athirapally where we can offer and organise forest walks and trails.

Kollam - backwaters and Jatayu

Jatayu Earth Centre - Places to visit in Kerala for 2024

Though kollam has good beaches and backwaters, the accessibility and facilities are limited. One can see a lot of backwaters and long bridges across backwaters, and estuaries while traveling from Alleppey to Trivandrum. The Jatayu Earth Center has been a highlight in the recent years, where the largest bird sculpture is sculpted here on top of a hill. One can take a cable car and go uphill from there you can witness the eagle sculpture and have a 360 degree view from a top.

Kovalam - The famous beach

Kovalam Beach - Places to visit in Kerala for 2024

Kovalam is one of the very first beach where European tourists used to visit. The beach is crowded, however there are other beaches close by where you have limited crowd. The lighthouse is a very interesting place to visit where you have a wider view of the ocean. In recent times Kovalam is known for watersports activities like parasailing, beach activities as well as Padi certified scuba diving programs. More than a beach destination, Kovalam is slowly becoming a water sports center in South Kerala.

Thiruvananthapuram - The historic capital city

Napier Museum - Places to visit in Kerala for 2024

The capital city of the Travancore kingdom who ruled South of Kerala for over three centuries back. It was one of the well governed principalities of the British Raj in India. The reminiscence of the Travancore Kingdom, the Napier Museum, the Horse Palace, Sree chitra art gallery that houses the Raja Ravi Varma's paintings and the Padmanabhaswamy temple are primary attractions The capital city of Kerala has an international airport and is well connected to different airline hubs worldwide. One could see how well the city is planned once you travel through the city.

Kannur - Amazing beaches, intense history, cuisine, culture and local life.

Kannur local experiences - Places to visit in Kerala for 2024

The most underrated destination in Kerala, probably because of limited infrastructure. I would say the best beaches in Kerala are in North of Kerala from Kannur to Kasargod. Ezhimala near Kannur is where actually Vasco Da Gama first saw the malabar coast, further he sailed south to Kozhikode where he docked his ship, away from the shores. Kannur has intense cultural experiences like the Theyyam temple rituals. One could pay a visit to the large fish market, beedi making units, and historic forts like the St. Angelo Fort built by the Portuguese and maintained by the British. Local temple pave way to a unique experience in Kannur, the village life and its people have a lot to offer. If you are looking for some distinct Kerala experiences away from the regular tourist circuits, then Kannur is the place where you should be in Kerala. The Malabari cuisine is definitely something not to be missed.

We can help you plan a amazing Kerala holiday program for you with very interesting experiences in Kerala and South India. Get in touch with us an we shall organise the Kerala holiday program incorporating all of the most distinct places to visit in Kerala for 2024.


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