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Best time to visit Kerala is September to March- What is the best you can get

Updated: Dec 17, 2023

The best time to visit Kerala is very much based on the purpose of your visit. The statement looks a bit tricky, but let me explain starting off with the below detail as a guide. In case if you are interested to know more about our Kerala tour packages on offer, you can visit

Travel seasons in Kerala and the respective months

January to February (Generally the weather is going to be superb to see and move around)

March to May (Summer - terribly humid and the temperatures can go up 42 degrees)

June to July (Monsoon - Rains are torrential in Kerala and you are going to get wet for sure)

August to September (Transition to the winter)

October to December (Generally the weather is going to be superb to see and move around)

The hill station of Munnar

The Geography and Travel themes of Kerala

Kerala is a beautiful tropical Indian state with beautiful hill stations, plantations, beaches, and backwaters. Considered to be one of the must visit places on the planet. The hill stations are located in the Western Ghats, a series of high ranges that go parallel to the Arabian sea, that extend from the tip of the continent until Gujarat. The highest peaks of the Western Ghats are in Munnar, Kerala. Both the highest and the second highest are in Kerala, which means most of the best parts of the Ghats are located within Kerala. Munnar, Thekkady & Ponmudi are a few examples of it. The Arabian sea shoreline gives Kerala some of the most astounding beaches, including a eight kilometre drive inn beach in North Kerala called the Muzhappilangad Beach. The backwaters which are extensions of the sea into the mainland are common in Kerala. The largest of them is the Vembanad lake that is spread across five districts of Kerala.

Backwaters of Kerala

Considering the above beautiful themes and destinations of Kerala. The weather plays an important role in making the visit, the best you ever had in Kerala. The months of January, February and from October to December are the best months to visit Kerala. It is just 5 months that you can consider as tourist season in Kerala. Most of the group departures, treks & hikes in the Western Ghats and leisure tours are organised during this period.

Summer travel in Kerala

However March to May can also be considered as an extension to the main season. It would be hot and humid, specially towards the beaches and the backwaters, you will sweat terribly and might need to take showers every day, now and then. But the exception would be with the hill stations as they tend to maintain cooler temperatures. Even though we say it remains cooler, that is referred mostly from evening to morning. During day, the temperature could really go high, where you might even start to sweat when under the sun. Treks and hikes and other adventure activities still resumed during summer.

Traveling in Kerala during monsoon

Monsoon is a very integral season in Kerala, where the river overflow, the waterfalls loose control and even the roads might go underwater at time. The atmosphere becomes moist and chilling. From a travellers perspective or someone who embraces holistic living and Ayurveda, this would be the best time to undergo Ayurveda Rejuvenation programs. There are many dedicated Ayurveda resorts in Kerala that offer exclusive Ayurveda Rejuvenation program that start from 7 days to 3 months or so. Monsoon is the time when the moist atmosphere opens up the pores of our bodies and that helps the body to absorb the medicated oils. Except for Ayurveda, it is not really a great time for leisure traveler, unless and otherwise you are really fond of rains. The initial course of the rain, there are chances of the landslides in the hills. The rivers overflow and just wash away landmasses. Being the situation, the number of travellers to Kerala are very limited during the initial monsoon months of June and July and so the hotel and resort prices go down drastically. Most of them undergo renovation and periodical annual maintenance during this low season. Treks and hikes in the hill stations would close down, the same would be the case of water based activities in the backwaters and the beaches. The beaches would have the red flag swaying there to warn that, it is not safe to get into the sea. By now you might have got to understand, why you should not be traveling to Kerala during the months of June and July.

Ayurveda in Kerala during monsoon

The later months after June and July, August and September would be the best months, I would say, based on my personal experience. Most of the rains happen during the month of June and July, by August the weather comes to normal shape, however you can still expect some light showers here and there. August & September would practically be the best time to visit Kerala, the weather becomes normal, these two months can be considered as transition month to winter. The hotel prices are still that of the off season, and the weather would be generally good enough for a leisure traveller. The state festival Onam happens during this period, people would be generally filled with joy and excitement. Expats come home, the period would be eventful with a lot of local activities like that of laying down flower carpets and Tiger Dances (Pullikali) in Thrissur. The Nehru Trophy snake boat race happens every year on the second Saturday of August.

Best time to visit Kerala

The best time to visit Kerala would be the months of August and September, and that will extend up to February. June and July would be the best months for Ayurveda Therapies and Rejuvenation Programs. March and April would be ideal for visits to the hill stations, but the backwaters and the Beaches would be extremely hot, humid and sweaty. The price advantage would be available only during the month of August and September, yes off course during June & July as well, rest of the months, the price goes up into the Seasonal Tariff slab. Hope you found the above information useful, in case you are in the process of planning your Kerala tour you can check out our list of Kerala tour packages on offer. Otherwise you can get in touch with us through mail - Our local knowledge and expertise would be of real use during the course of the tour.

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