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Lakshadweep Islands are open from 26th of Jan 2021

The Lakshadweep Islands were closed for visitors as part of precautionary measures of the Covid-19 Pandemic and for now the Islands are reopened nearly after a year. As a preliminary step, only one Island is open, namely the Bangaram Island Resort. The Islands were officially opened on the Republic day, 26th of Jan 2021, however the only Air India flight schedule to the Islands were restarted from 8th of Feb 2021.

The flight Schedule is as below

91 505 - Bengaluru / Kochi - ETD - 0705 | ETA 0825

91 505 - Kochi / Agatti - ETD - 0855 | ETA 1015

Return flight

91 506 - Agatti / Kochi - ETD - 1045 | ETA 1205

91 506 - Kochi / Bengaluru - ETD - 1235 | ETA 1350

Green Earth Trails is one among the authorized tour operators to the Lakshadweep Islands and we are entitled to deliver all information required to operate tours to the Islands. The reopening comes with a few restrictions, which are as follows.

The tourist would require a Covid-19 negative (RT-PCR) test certificate from one of the Labs approved by ICMR (Indian Council for Medical Research)

The certificate will have to be produced before departing from Kochi Airport and the same will be checked at Agatti Airport as well.

You can get in touch with us over phone or whatsapp - +91 9746201730 or send us an email to We can organise the Lakshadweep Holidays for you as well as guide you through the entire process of the booking your Lakshadweep Holiday for 2021 post pandemic including permits and required ground arrangements in Agatti.

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