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People in Kerala are awesome! Stories from the disastrous floods in Kerala

"The simple act of caring is Heroic"

The month of August 2018, witnessed the very useful element of nature - Water, being transformed into its most furious form - the Floods. Kerala, a tiny little strip of land on the South West Coast of India, on the shores of the Arabian Sea, was reeling under one of the worst floods that it had ever seen. Unprecedented rains and the floods that followed, left Kerala to the mercy of God. The State of Kerala was struggling to save itself from being submerged under the disastrous floods. The floods of Kerala filled our hearts with both pain and pride. Pain of seeing the floods consuming everything that we once took pride in and Pride of seeing the spirit of humanity that was displayed during and after the floods.

Most of the areas that got affected in the floods were the river banks, where the rivers overflowed to a larger height than expected. 35 dams of the 39 in the State, were opened and some were overflowing. Towards the mid of August 2018, the State received almost 3 times the rainfall it usually receives and most of it, in the areas of the Western Ghats - mostly in the high ranges of Munnar and Thekkady. The affected areas were: Areas close to the Cochin International Airport - Aluva, Chalakudy; the High-ranges of Idukki (Central Kerala); Wayanad, Kozhikode and Nilambur (North Kerala); Alleppey, Kumarakom and Chengannur (South Kerala).

Floods at Aluva in Kerala

The devastation and the agony that the floods brought about, is immense and unimaginable. The rivers raged like an angry bull and ate up everything on its way. Today Kerala is in bits and pieces reeling under the aftermaths of the flood. More than 300 people lost their lives, thousands are homeless, many others lost their daily bread and all that they earned their entire lifetime. What remains is shattered dreams, tearful eyes and an unknown future.

But something was very evidently emerging in the midst of all this pain and chaos - the true spirit of humanity. The Rescue operations that was happening simultaneously made us believe in humanity once more. 24 helicopters of the Indian Air Force were plying with rescue operations. The Indian Army, Indian Navy, the National Disaster Rescue Forces, the local people, the fishermen all working towards just one goal, rescuing the life of their fellow men in pain and distress. The intensity of the floods could be defined with the scale of help that poured into the State. Few years back, Chennai - the state capital of Tamil Nadu also faced a similar situation. Nevertheless of all the help that came into Kerala, it was certain that the bold heroes who rushed into the scenes and rescued thousands, minimized the consequences of the floods to a very large extend.

You can watch the below video complied by Dutchified about the people of Kerala. He visited Kerala as part of the Kerala Blog Express in 2015.

"Heroes are ordinary people who make themselves extraordinary"

The Kerala Flood episode was a perfect example of bravery and love for humanity. People came forward and volunteered to do their best. We saw heroes standing tall in ordinary people. The fishermen from all over Kerala came forward with their boats and paddles and ventured into the dangerous waters which had gone out of control, not caring a bit about their lives.They were the first lot of people who came over to the flood affected areas, with their boats on trucks. The locals also took part in the rescue operations in spite of the fact that most of them were also victims of the flood. They did everything to their capacity so that not a single life was lost. Youth volunteers rushed to the camps to help the affected, the weak and the sick. Medical aid was distributed wide and far.

Heroic rescue operations and heart warming stories of love and hope, flooded the internet and news channels - Pregnant lady being airlifted; a cop carrying a child and running across a bridge that was just about to be submerged in the raging waters; a man selling blankets, giving off all his stock to the affected people; babies and elderly people being rescued heroically; people rendering free services in the fields that they mastered( electricians, plumbers helping to settle back in their houses after the floods, doctors in relief camps, etc); News reporters bringing the updates of the floods to all the ones who were desperately waiting to get whereabouts of their loved ones in the affected areas; the Government ensuring and assuring that things will get back to normal; people outside Kerala, who ensured that all the required relief materials were sent to their fellow beings who were suffering.

We saw 'heroes without capes' and they won our hearts with their courage , bravery and love for humanity. They taught us that humanity still exists.

The core flood situation sustained for four days, after which water levels started to subside. The rescue operations still continued and, rescued people were taken to 1500 relief camps set up all across the State. Relief aid has been pouring in the form of food, blankets, bed sheets, sanitary napkins, and clothes. Our fond and dears ones from all across the world have been supporting Kerala with their contributions, like the one from His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum.

twitter message from His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum

The flood episode was disastrous but it has not broken the spirits of the people of Kerala. Kerala is groaning in pain, but it is not ready to give up. They have lost all that they earned from years of hard work, and an unknown future lies in front of them. However, despite all odds, Kerala and Keralites will rise out of the ashes. Our kith and kin are our responsibility and Keralites all over the world will join hands to build a brand new Kerala, stronger and mightier. They have struggled day and night to build up nations, they will also build up their own beloved State to rise beyond the odds.

It is the determination and the spirit of togetherness that is going to get us back in shape, something better than what we were. We are grateful for all the prayers, help and contributions we have received and still receiving. We are ending with a note from the tourism fraternity in Kerala.

"Dear World,

We are Down, but not Out.

Our land has been ravaged; Our people are in shock. Our life and dreams have been hit, but in spirits we are recharged.

We have seen lives and property vanish before our very eyes. We have seen the magical beauty of Kerala getting scarred. But our resilience just got better.

The Keralite has built societies in all parts of the world. The Keralite will now rebuild the state. Hard work has never been alien to us. Our resolve to come out of this shock has become stronger.

While the restoration of our state is our target, getting our infrastructure in place and people back in their homes is our priority. Bringing smiles back on is our dream.

The airport is inundated today but we are working overtime to be ready for your flights by the 26th of August 2018.

The businesses which are now shut will be up and running by the 01st of September 2018.

How can you be a part of this history - rebuilding of Kerala?

Comfort us by doing business with us. Support us by trusting our instincts about our land. Be a part of our resurgence, be a part of new Kerala.

You can help Kerala get back on its feet faster. Support Kerala by coming to Kerala and join us in the task of rebuilding Kerala.

Together we can!!!!

Regards, Tourism Fraternity of Kerala."

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