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The immune booster from Ayurveda - Karkidaka Chikilsa

Karkadaka Chikilsa is a health supplement therapy in Ayurvedic medicine, which is primarily done between mid of July to mid of August. As per the Malayalam calendar this falls in the month of "Karkidakam", hence the name Karkidaka Chikilsa. In Kerala- It is a period towards the end of monsoon, a time when the human body is adapting to the new season. A period when we are all prone to multiple illness, a test time for our immunity.

Common cold, fever, joint pains are some common symptoms found in terms of illness. The immune system is seen to be weak in most people and Karkidaka Chikilsa is kind of a natural immune booster keeping the protective shield strong for our body, keeping away a state of illness.

The other day we had a conversation with Dr. Parvathy Sabu, an Ayurveda doctor who has her expertise in post delivery care for mothers. She threw some light about Karkida Chikilsa and we thought that it would be unfair if we did not write about this.

Karkidaka Kanji is a porridge that is made as part of the treatment plan. The main ingredient of this porridge is "Njavara rice" - this itself is a immune booster, apart from that there are multiple liquids of medicinal combinations (In ayurveda they call it Kashayams) are poured into the Kanji is proportionate quantities. The recipe for the Karkidaka Kanji is mostly a prefixed one which will have a range of spices and natural ingredients of medicinal value. The recipe is going to be more or less the same apart unless some modifications done considering the person who will have it.

Ashali, the garden cress - a variety of the mustard is used in the Kanji, which possess properties like anti cancerous. Though the Kanji itself is an immune booster for the common man, but is just a part of the whole treatment.

The next part of the treatment is about massages, we call it Uzhichil in our local language of Malayalam - which is essentially about massaging the joints with medicated oils. This comes as a remedy for back pains, and joint pains. This massage is done with "Ela Kizhi" - Ela means leaves, and kizhi means a cloth pouch. Leaves of tamarind, ricinus and calotropis are cooked and stuffed into the cloth pouch and the massage is done with this pouch. The properties of the ingredients in the pouch help in catalysing the treatment effect.

Apart from "Ela Kizhi", there is "Njavara Kizhi" where in the pouch is stuffed with "Njavara Rice" cooked with milk and other few other Medicinal concoctions. This is useful for people with back pains, which makes their lives traumatic.

Vasthi is a another treatment protocol, part of the Karkidaka Chikilsa. This is a very popular mechanism to flush out the toxins in our body, one could find this very common in Ayurveda Panchakarma treatments. This is a procedure, where medicated liquids are passed through the anus, which will eventually be flushed out along with all potential toxins the body has accumulated.

Anyone who is above 18 years can undergo the Karkidaka Chikitsa, it is not advised for Children. The body is put on a relaxed mode and no heavy physical activities are advised. The body is receiving and processing a lot in keeping itself strong and fit to resist itself from external factors that have a threat. Though the Kanji is a great treat for mother's who are just after their labor, it is not recommended for pregnant women. Chronic conditions like mucus and accumulation of flem are common during Karkidakam, and the Kanji itself will help in removing them out.

Ayurveda strongly holds to the philosophy that "Prevention is better than cure" So these annual discipline activities will help is keeping our body prone to diseases and viral attack.

In these times of Covid -19 pandemic, immunity has never got so much of prominence. The natural resistance power of our body is important and never to be compromised.

In you are new to India or Ayurveda, we can probably help you in getting touch with prominent Ayurveda doctors as well as assist you in organising rejuvenation programs for you.

Being a Kerala tour operator we have always found joy in promoting something indigenous to our state. When it is a good thing for someone else, it is worth sharing!

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