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A few things you might not have known about Kerala

While Kerala is known to be a beautiful South Indian state, where travelers aim to come as a leisure tourist, there are certain things that very few people know about Kerala. Here are some points that people least know about Kerala.

  1. Malayalees have an exceptional sense of humor

  2. 6.5% of the total population are expats

  3. Country's first transshipment terminal

  4. The most literate state and the highest human development index in India

  5. Most religions entered India first via Kerala

  6. The first state in India to adopt responsible tourism

  7. World's first democratically elected communist government

  8. Kerala is the land of spices

Sense of humor

Malayalees have an exceptional sense of humor Malayalam is the language that Keralites speak, a language which is around 200 years old, derived from the classic language of Tamil. Malayalees have a great sense of humor, I mean not the kind of slapstick comedy which is humorous by nature. They very well get the sarcasm during conversations.

6.5% of the total population are expats Kerala or the Malabar coast has been very well connected with ancient civilization. They used to export spices, ivory, timber and precious stones to rest of the world. 6.5 percent of the total population work aboard, of them most of them are working in the UAE. The income from the expats is a considerable income to the state of Kerala. When Kerala was hit by the floods of 2018, His Highness Sheik Mohammed, the prime minister of Dubai tweeted - "The people of Kerala have always been and are still part of our success story in the UAE, we have a special responsibility to help and support those affected, especially during this holy and blessed days" Most numbers of expats are concentrated in UAE, followed by the USA.

Country's first transshipment terminal - International Container Transshipment Terminal, Kochi Kochi has been a very popular trading town in the Malabar coast, the port has been in existence since ancient times and had solid connectivity to China, Arabia, and Persia. The Container Terminal in Kochi is India's first container shipment terminal in collaboration with DP world of Dubai.

The most literate state and the highest human development index in India People of Kerala have always given prime importance to education. Probably education could have lead to the considerable development of the state. There was a strong presence of missionaries in Kerala during the Brtish Raj, who had started many schools and college inculcating the value of education to the People of Kerala. That culture was carried forward even after Independence.

Most religions entered India first via Kerala The first church in India, the first mosque in India, the first Jewish settlements in India are all in Kerala. Most foreign religions entered India, through the port town of Muziris. These faiths reached the coast of Kerala very soon after the inception of Christianity and Islam. The Paliyam Church and the Cheraman Juma Masjid are the first Church and Mosque established in India. Jews were welcomed by the local rulers when they were scattered across the world after the second fall of the Temple of Jerusalem.

The first state in India to adopt responsible tourism Responsible tourism typically means the development of the local community through the act of Tourism. Most destinations across the world, the tourism stakeholders are generally investors irrespective from where they come, in most cases the local community is neglected. Even for Jobs, people come from other places, and the local community or destination does not directly gain from tourism process. Responsible tourism is the process of involving the local community which in turn allows them to gain from tourism. Kumarakom in Kerala is the first destination in India to adopt and follow Responsible tourism.

World's first democratically elected communist government After India gained Independence from the British, it was declared that India would be a Democracy ~A government of the People, by the people and for the people. When communism was being established in various parts of the world then, India did have its own share of communist ideologies, and the Communist Party of India was in existence then. Kerala was formed in the year 1956, and the state had its first round of elections to form the government, it was the Communist Party of India who won the election and formed the first Government in Kerala. It does not mean that it is a communist state, the communist party has to function abiding democracy and as per the constitution of India.

Kerala is the land of spices Cardamom and Pepper from Kerala are world renown, and it was the trade of spices that brought merchants from far and wide to the Malabar coast. World best cardamom comes from the cardamom hills of Kerala nestled within the Western Ghats of Kerala. Alleppey Green Cardamom and the Malabar gold (Pepper) have reached its fame to the Kitchens of the Buckingham Palace. Apart from Cardamom and Pepper, Kerala produces Tea, Coffee, Clove, Cinamon, Ginger, tamarind, turmeric, and nutmeg.

As a Kerala tour operator promoting Kerala tour packages, these less known facts about Kerala as a state in India would be evident in our tours. Incredible stories about a tiny strip of land called Kerala is what we aim to promote to the traveler planning to visit Kerala.

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