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Best value Kerala holiday offering from Kerala based agency

If you are looking for Kerala holiday program from Europe, United State of America, Canada or Australia, then we have some amazing Kerala tour packages at great value. The reason why we state it is is the best value you could get for every penny you pay is because, there are literally no intermediaries. You are directly discussing and dealing with an operator based tour operator who has a decade plus experience of organising tours to guests across the globe.

Over the years technology has advanced a lot, an what technology has done is simply to bring you more value, offering access to direct suppliers and tour operators operating from destinations like Kerala, who are the sons of the soil, who are very much capable of organising curated experience that would leave everlasting memories. Considering the experience we have gained over the years, we are aware about what suits your needs best considering your interest, age, and type of holiday you are looking for in Kerala. We are available on whatsapp and deliver quotes at the shortest period of time 24 / 7.

Guests during their Kerala tour
When our guest's stopped by at Marari Beach during their Kerala tour

Accepting payments from guests have become so easy than ever before and literally the world has become smaller and smaller and we all are connected faster than ever. As an aggregator of travel and tour services based in Kerala, we are able to offer the best of whatever Kerala has to offer. For example, the 12 days Kerala holiday program in our Kerala tours section involves a combination of the high ranges of the Western Ghats, the amazing visits, treks and hikes it offers, including the visits to the National Parks, the cultural elements, the backwaters, the backwater life and lifestyle, the beaches on the shores of the Arabian sea. Everything that Kerala has to offer has been inculcated into a single tour program. The prices are offered in all popular currencies and one can easily have a very good understanding by what we mean by value in terms of Kerala holiday packages.

 Our single lady guest during their Kerala holidays
Guests when they reached Alleppey during their Kerala tour

We have been organising tours for many single lady travelers over the years and this reflects the kind of safety and trust guests put on us. One of our very strong asset is the team of reliable drivers who have been taking around our guests, they are knowledgeable and possess a great attitude, delivering amazing services by showcasing the best Kerala as a destination has to offer.

The clarity of what is possible and what not is possible is very well evident. The tours listed on our website are relaxed program crafted and can be modified and customized for any age group of travelers. Green Earth Trails as a team is capable of organising group tours across Kerala and South India. We do not offer fixed departure group tours just that we are not able to get enough number of travellers who can start a group tour during a specified fixed departure start dates.

In short if you are planning for Kerala holiday, you are always welcome to get in touch with us, we are available on Whatsapp 24/7 which means you will get active response from us, even if you are contacting from the other side of the globe. The reviews available on Google gives you clear idea about how our tours deliver the best of Kerala. And since we are a smaller company with a lean team we are able to focus on delivering best service for each guest who are traveling Kerala with us. Whatsapp is the best mode to get in touch with us, the quickest way is to send a hi on whatsapp at

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